Boring Girls

by Boring Girls

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released April 15, 2011



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Boring Girls Cambridge, UK

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Track Name: Tin Foliage
i can't even tell you why im here in the first place
sitting on a starlit hill and gazing into space

bend the branches on the trees
instead of clothes we'll wear the leaves
not a care on this cold night
dip dyed in the warm moonlight

we'll climb every mountain and we'll conquer every bay
crush the skulls of anyone who gets into our way
Track Name: Bambinos
i should not have climbed so high
i never got to say goodbye
it bore fruit but now bears bad news
i won't get down without being bruised

i won't be fine

tangled in these boughs forever
now i dont feel quite so clever
if i hit the ground from here
my brains will spill out of my ear

i wont be fine
Track Name: Ocean Dragon Fridays
im getting drunk, im getting tired, its getting late
you make a call but theres still so long left to wait
i dont hesitate to hold my breath before we plunge into the depths of the deep green sea
you try to wink i splutter as your eyelids simply flutter and we embrace this sinking feeling

ive got the number on my phone saved to speed dial
although i dont think they will get here for a while
i dont hesitate to hold my breath before we plunge into the depths of the deep green sea
looking in your eyes i dont think i would be surprised if there was nowhere id rather be
Track Name: Revolving Doors
cut the cable, im not able to be sure
if you meant what you suggested the year before

tell me what you wish you told me
stop the taps before you flood me

sugar packets, tennis rackets, cobbled floors
elevators, instigators, revolving doors
Track Name: Stefan Wilberforce
stefan wilberforce
drove to fast, killed a horse
dont give a fuck about the law
ate its head showed remorse

dads taxi sticker on the left rear window
w werf hrh hr hr h rh hrh rhr let them in though
idh d hg gh tryj tyj jtj j tv game shows
only ever happy when chelsea wins though

fuck his car
he cant park
shouldnt breed
car got keyed
Track Name: 31st February
got your toes all twisted at the foot of my bed
im sweating up a storm, the sheets are over your head
ive got to go to work, and the cat needs to be fed
but you tell me not to leave, and im easily led

half an hour later, and half an hour late
buttoning my shirt as i go through the gate
another half an hour on the bus i love to hate
this isnt the impression that i want to create
Track Name: Big Society
closing down the libraries the next step is burning books
no more stories, blame the tories, theyre all a bunch of crooks
theyll bring our once great nation to its bruised and battered knees
theyre selling off the forests and cant see the woods for trees

sack of the professionals leave it all to volunteers
big society will stop rioting and pleas fall on deaf ears
fuck the bankers;theyre all wankers, too rich for their own good
led by the twentieth century anti robin hood

theyre selling the forests and theres nothing left for us

pop your cholera, ralph lauren polio, cut the NHS
proles in the queue at A & E already nearing death
pot plants for middle management, fuck all at the front line
sorting your priorities while the countries in decline

volunteering opportunities wont let us pay the bills
it doesnt matter who we are or if were gaining skills
making cuts wont help make savings if were on the dole
why bother even stopping when youre clearly on a roll
Track Name: Dream Fluff
i didnt really think you were my biggest fan
i didnt think i'd get to be the bigger man, oh no

i sometimes think that this could be a cloudy spell
and my voice is hiding somewhere in a deeper well

a gloomy day for weddings with veils and bands
caught you in a downpour with blood on your hands, oh no

now its a good day for photosynthesis
but we'll just stay inside because we're better than this
Track Name: Food Processor
all i want for christmas is my own set of teeth
my mouth has become blistered and i cant even eat

my dentist gives me dirty looks whenever im in sight
you my boy have oysters, boring girls have pearly whites
Track Name: Swing Kids
fight fire with fire and all that jazz
we are and we have what no one else has

the eighteenth of august, 1841
they cut off our hair, threatened us with guns

another record
on the gramophone
let me spin you
around the room
we are the swing kids
we dont care what you say
no hiitlerjugend
we'll rewrite history